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Black Flag Bug Zapper

The black flag bug zapper is a great way to get a bug out in a hurry, and it's just right strength for putting in into your home too! The zapper has a cool black-looking bug on the top, so it's sure to look pretty while it's working. The zapper also comes with a 40 watt black bulb, so you can have a light up bug in your home from beginning to end!

2  Black Flag BB-15WHT 15 Watt Bug Zapper Replacement Bulbs

2 Black Flag BB-15WHT 15 Watt Bug

By Black Flag

USD $13.92

Buy Black Flag Bug Zapper

This black flag bug zapper is a 12 acre coverage bug zapper that kills insects quickly and easily. It is a great addition to your black flag bug management experience.
this is a 2000-volt 12 acre bug zapper insect killer including black flag mosquito. It 2000-volt 12 acre bug zapper is effective against insect – like bugs, spiders, and spiders antidote and will only killbug zappers like this. So if you are around an insect problem, this is the perfect tool for the job.
this is an electric black flag bug zapper that has 12 acres of coverage. It is a 20 amp bug zapper that can be used to kill a black flag bug or mosquito. Thezapper has a 12-volt power supply and is made of heavy-duty materials. It is comfortable to use and has a high-capacity battery. This zapper is perfect for use in an extermination campaign or for killing a black flag bug.